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You can choose from a variety based on your preference & budget

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Teachers or non-teachers, there are jobs for every role and responsibility

Hiring Convenience

Application screening to interview schedules to reference checks, everything automated

Freelancing Space

A marketplace to exhibits the important aspects skills, projects, compensations & urgency

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School Hype
School Solutions
School Connect
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Shooting Star

Your Path to Business Excellence:
Education, Connection, and Growth

EduBiz Networks is where entrepreneurs, edupreneurs, chairpersons, directors, owners, and CEOs connect for holistic growth in employment, innovation, and professional development

Pan India Coverage Illustration
Pan India Coverage

It's a network that covers a large geography and a country as a whole.

  • 28 States / 8 UTs
  • 779 Districts
  • 300+ Urban Agglomerates
  • 2500+ Cities and Towns
Relationship of all kinds Illustration
Relationship of all kinds

Find someone or be found by someone.
We make relationships happen.

  • Buyer - Seller
  • Vendor - Customer
  • Franchisor - Franchisee
  • Employer - Employee
  • Service Provider - Service Seeker
  • B2B, B2C & B2B2C
Literally Everything Illustration
Literally Everything

Be a part of the network that covers everything in the education business.

  • Preschools and Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Tutoring and Test Preps
  • Online Education and EdTech
  • Skill Development and Advisory Services
A Place to Grow and Learn Illustration
A Place to Grow and Learn

A great place for all the working professionals who are looking to grow in the education and learning industry.

  • Principals / Deans / Directors
  • Administrators / Managers
  • Teachers / Trainers
  • Back Office / Operations Executive
  • Marketing / Business Development Professionals

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